Out With the Sad, in with the Blue.


Well, I think the last of it is gone. Popcorn ceilings are the pits. I’m telling ‘ya.  I dislike them, oh so very  much.  We just finished  up a bedroom updo.  James scraped the nasty popcorn off the ceiling. You know dust just loves to hang on that stuff. He then put on new tape reputtied, sanded, puttied, sanded. Well, you get the picture. We then had a nice new and smooth ceiling.


The room had previously been painted a yellowish, gold color.  It was matched “perfectly” with a swoosh in a comforter.  It is amazing though how my tastes change with the times.  The room had previously been done in red and gold tones. The bedroom suite was dark wood so I painted the bed white. The other pieces were very damaged and unsalvageable.  After Kristen moved out the room became a “junk room” of sorts.  Everything that didn’t have a home just sort of landed in there. It came to a point where I just felt sad with that room. I kept the door closed most of the time. I used the room to iron our clothes. The room was just dark and sad.



We were under a deadline to get the room finished so we called in a couple of professionals for some last minute help.  Jared Johnson and his crew at Johnson Paintin’ Company painted the room for us. They did an awesome job and we were so glad for the extra help. We used Cumberland Fog by Behr for the walls and Ultra Pure White for the Ceiling Paint and Ultra Pure White by Behr in semi gloss for the trim.  The Shabby Chic comforter and sheets are from Target and  pillow bolster is Simply Shabby Chic as well.  I already had  the blue pillows and just threw them in for a little contrast.  I picked up the distressed mirrored dresser and bedside table at Steinmart.  They didn’t have a link for the furniture. I couldn’t find one anyway.  I love a good sale at Steinmart.  Both were on sale and the bedside table had a tiny bit of damage and I was able to get $25 more off because of that. You can’t even see it. The  curtain panels are from Lowes and we have the same panels in all three of our bedrooms. I like to have a continuous flow throughout the house.  I feel that it just makes our home more cohesive. The red blanket chest belonged to James’ Grandma Harris. I was going to paint it a different color but I think the original color adds just the right contrast to the room. I haven’t decided exactly on what pictures I want on the wall yet.  The Hunter Ceiling Fan was installed by our electrician,  Matthew Reynolds at Shocking Solutions.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you like our refreshed bedroom.  It’s so much calmer in the blue/gray hue.

Until next time, it’s just an average day on Everidge.



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