My “Accidental” Friend


I have an “accidental” friend.  I will call her “Sofia” to protect her privacy.  She is very precious to me.  One thing that she doesn’t know is how very precious.  There are people who come and go in our lives that leave a lasting imprint. Sofia is one of those people.  The stamp that she has imprinted on my heart will forever remain.

Sofia and I, for lack of a better description, lose contact.  Sometimes for very long periods of time. Let me tell you a little more about my precious friend.

Sofia “drops” in at the church office from time to time. When people come by the church office for help we always get a copy of their ID.  We are not always free to help everyone but when we can, we do. When she first came by a couple of years ago, I made a copy of her ID and have kept a copy on file since that time. She first came seeking assistance, needing food for her children, twin babies that were hungry.  After talking to her and learning more of her history, which would make you want to hunt someone down and hurt them, my co-worker and I gave her what we could.  We got in contact with a Hispanic church in town and asked them to contact her. They would be able to offer her more assistance with food and clothing and could put her in contact with people and agencies that were better equipped to meet her needs.  The next day she came by to thank us because the church had contacted her.  Our “friendship” began that day.  Not many people come back to thank you for the assistance.  I can think of only a couple of times in my 22 years of working at the church where someone “really, really” thanked us. One particular lady  wrote us a thank you note a year later and paid us back after she got back on her feet. No one does that people. I’m telling you, in this day and time, no one does that.  It wasn’t just a hand out to that lady. It was a help in time of need.  I’ve never forgotten that.  To Sofia, it wasn’t a just a handout.  It was food in her babies mouths.

The last time she came in, over a year and a half ago, it was sleeting and freezing rain. She was wearing flip flops.  She was sick, pale and freezing. She came in that day because her purse had been stolen and she needed a copy of her ID and she knew that we had a copy.  My co-worker and I talked to her at length and gave her a little money.  I took off my new, Merrill fur lined shoes, that my aunt had given me and put them on her feet. You see, I remembered a story that a friend had told me. A story of her on a missions trip when God had told her to give her shoes to a desolate, poor woman and she didn’t obey. She has saved those shoes to this day to remind her to obey God at all times.  God told me that day to give my shoes to Sofia and I wasn’t about to let her leave without those warm, fur lined shoes.  Let me just tell ya. There is something very humbling when you kneel before someone and take your warm, fur lined shoes off and place them on their freezing, cold feet. God did something in my heart that day. The shoes fit perfectly, Sofia cried, left the office and I haven’t seen her since. Until yesterday.

She came in the office, this week, with a blanket wrapped around her tiny little body in a hoodie. This is the South. It’s still 80 degrees outside. If it’s possible, she is even frailer than the last time I saw her.   When I saw her get out of the car, I raced to the door and embraced her. She crumpled in my arms and sobbed. She has been very sick and in the hospital for reasons that I can’t explain here.  Like usual, she needed a copy of her ID. I don’t know another reason to keep that ID other than she might need another copy and it keeps her coming back.  Other copies we keep on file for just one year. I was able to help other in other ways as well.  I will tell you that Sofia is on my mind so often that I wonder if God places her on my heart so I will pray just to keep she and her children safe.  This is one of those questions I hope to have answers to in Heaven one day. I sent her on her way with her ID, a hug and a time of prayer.

Every time I have an encounter with Sofia I think of this verse:  Hebrews 13:2  Do not forget to entertain angels, for by so doing, some have unwittingly entertained angels unawares.

If you think about it, lift up Sofia and her children in prayer today. Pray for their safety and well-being. God will know you who are talking about and she could sure use an extra prayer or two.

It’s just an Average Day on Everidge.

Until we meet again, Fifi

Linking to:  Imparting Grace: Grace at Home #172


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