31 Days-Resting in Him-Day 3

It seems that we’ve been weathering the effects of Hurricane Joaquin here in North Carolina for the past few hours.  We are on the outer fringes where I live but we’ve been getting bands of rain and some mild winds.  The grounds were already saturated with water from the past few days of rain. It has been raining since last Friday. A full week and a day.  I think we’ve had maybe one day of reprieve in the last week.  Sometimes life can be like this past week. The clouds overtake us and linger so long. They just hang over us and we think the sun will ever shine again. Remember in Mark chapter 4 a great storm came up as Jesus slept and the disciples woke him and basically said “Master, don’t you care that we might perish?” and he got up from his bed and told the wind, “Peace be still.” and the wind died down and the sea was calm, and he said to them, “why are you so fearful, have you no faith?”  Aha!  There it is!!  Have you no faith?  And, they looked at each other and said “who is this man that even the waves and winds obey Him?”  Over and over and over again He says, Just rest in Him.  Just rest. Stop with the fretting. There is calm after the storm. We may not know when the calm will arrive, but it will arrive.



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