31 Days-Resting in Him-Day 5



Yesterday was not a day of rest.  Not even close. Today has been. I stayed in my pajamas until 3:45.  Yes I did.  I rarely do that.  I only went outside to walk to the mailbox.  I have slept. I have binge watched “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix. I have read from some of my favorite devotionals and I have slept while the TV was on and I cooked dinner for Kristen.

I have rested, rested, and rested some more.  I was thinking that if I “rested” in Him as much as I physically rested today, then I wouldn’t fret nearly as much.  I looked up the official definition of the word rest.  It means to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength. “Resting in Him, ” to me,  would mean to cease working it out on my own and once I did, I would be able to refresh my soul and recover spiritually and emotionally.  Today for instance,  as I’ve rested my physical body, I have recovered strength and refreshed my body from the work of yesterday. Our souls need this “rest” as much or more than our bodies do.

A blogger, Kayse Pratt, that I follow wrote this prayer yesterday:  “Father, remind me to find refuge in you. Only in you. Help me to remember to turn to you before I turn to friends, TV, or the internet, and to abide in you at every turn today. You are the God I can trust. Amen.” Jesus is our refuge. Our rest. We must remember to give our souls the rest they need as much as we give our bodies their physical rest.

It’s just an Average Day on Everidge.

Until we meet again, Fifi


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