31 Days-Resting in Him-Day 16



One of my Facebook friends shared this picture today. I can truly say that I’ve had all of the above in my 53 years of life.  I can also say that all of these are curable. You can get past all of them.  There is rest for the weary soul. There is clarity for the confused mind and healing for the broken hearted. I’m so thankful for a Savior who is with me through all of the above.  I can go to him in prayer and get medicine for my heart, mind and soul.  He meets us where we are. I have found that sometimes I just need to steal away in solitude. Call on His name and find sweet rest in Him. Poor and needy, alone and broken hearted, restless and weary. Come to Him with an open, humbled heart. Come to Him just as you are.

Listen to this song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. So very moving.

It’s just an Average Day on Everidge, Fifi


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