A Little Switcheroo and Something Special

DSCN1350 (2)

I woke up on Tuesday morning at 4:40 and decided to switch the Living Room and Dining Room.  I know, crazy. I’ve done it before and then switched it back. This time it just makes more sense than it did before.  We will be doing some heavy duty entertaining for the holidays and the Living Room is quite a bit larger than the Dining Room. I have a dining table, that when all the leaves are in, stretches to seat 12. My parents gave us this table when they downsized several years ago.  When one leaf is in, it is stretching it to have dinner in our dining room. It is very tight. So…I took a few before and after pictures.  It’s amazing how just changing the furniture around can give a whole new, fresh look to your home.  (please keep in mind the before pictures were made at 4:40am. And yes, where I go, Lola goes. When I get up, she does too.) Thank you.

DSCN1341 (2)

Living Room Before

See the picture below. This was the Dining Room. See how tight the table was. If we turned it around the other way it would be half in the Dining Room and half in the Living Room.

DSCN1348 (2)

Dining Room Before

Another view below.

DSCN1346 (2)

So, now a look at the “Switcheroo.”

DSCN1352 (2)

DSCN1354 (2)

DSCN1355 (2)

DSCN1355 (3)

DSCN1357 (2)

And now for something special. We landed this great piece through a friend.  I had been looking for a catalog card file for about two years and this one basically found us.  I won’t be moving this bad boy by myself. It is very heavy.  It is a great storage piece.  It stores keys, tape, scissors, notepads, pens, pencils, etc.  I’ve never been so organized.   I do need more labels. I will admit that I have to open multiple drawers before I find what I need on occasion. Don’t you just love genuine vintage pieces?

DSCN1351 (2)

I’m looking forward to spreading that table out for Thanksgiving and Christmas and inviting our families in for the holidays.  This “Switcheroo” cost us nothing. That should make James very happy. No cost decorating.  I hope you like it.


22 thoughts on “A Little Switcheroo and Something Special

  1. I switch my furniture around often but within the same room. I think you just save me a new idea!!! Excited…I love change. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The whole room looks more spacious now that you’ve switched the furniture. I really like the dining table there, the light from outside is hitting it right.


  3. We switched everything around upstairs in the play room and downstairs in the living room. My wife was part of the play room one and it stuck. The kids and I tried to surprise her with the living room too and it wasn’t much of a success lol. Having more room and everything flowing well together is key.


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