From Our House to Yours

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I’ve been decorating, baking, shopping, cleaning and all of the other things that all of you have been doing. My kitchen has been a like a comic strip at times. I’ve tried new recipes. The flour has been flying. Homemade Cheese-its, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, etc. I’ve baked more than I’ve ever baked before and enjoyed every minute. (I guess I will have a “new” plan come January. Haha!) Continue reading


“He Taught Us to Love”


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A few days ago I posted about song lyrics. It was about a lyric in “Winter Wonderland.” This one is a verse in “O Holy Night.” Everyone knows the first verse like the back of their hand.  The other verses are a little harder to remember. The third verse is the one I want to talk about today. I think that sometimes we sing “church” songs so often and repetitively that we don’t even know what we’re singing.  We don’t listen to the words. We just stand and sing because that’s what we’re supposed to do, but we need to “hear” the words to these wonderful songs. Songs that were inspired.  Songs that were written from despair and heartache to blessings and joy. God uses His people to share from their hearts what He has done in their lives.  You can read the story of “O Holy Night” here.   Continue reading

The Grays Have It

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December 2014                                                    December 2015

I thought it was about time for a hair update. I haven’t had color since February of this year. I did highlight to soften the line of demarcation but other than that, nothing.  If I had it to do over again, I’m not sure I would have even went with the highlighting.  I’m enjoying this process. I get many different reactions from: Why? to: Good for you! From: Your hair looks great! to: What are you doing with your hair? Ultimately, everyone gets to decide how they want to style their own hair and everyone has an opinion.  I do know this: I’m loving the freedom from dye and the freedom from of no longer having to chase roots to the salon.  I’m loving the extra cash. Yes! Lots of savings there, approximately $100/month. The softer color has softened my facial features and I believe that I don’t look so harsh. I will let you compare.

Now let’s talk fashion…Colors that I was accustomed to wearing before don’t look the same on me now, so I’m adjusting those.  I’m wearing more blues, grays, purples, teals etc. instead of reds and pinks. I don’t wear as much black and when I do, I try to add a punch of color.  I find from others that are doing this with me that it just depends on what you like and what color your gray is. My gray is more of a pewter color where some may be a beautiful snowy white.  So someone with snowy white hair might not look as good in the same colors as someone with pewter colored hair. Just like some brunettes look good in blue red as opposed to some who look good in orange red. You just have to decide for yourself.

There are several pages on Facebook of women who are transitioning from dyed hair to their natural color.  It has been fun to watch as others transition along with me. Some have transitioned must faster than others. Some have kept their very long hair, other have cut their hair into a pixie cut to get rid of all the color at once. To each her own.  I’ve trimmed and trimmed and am at a silver/gold stage. I have just a few tips of blonde left. If you are interested in transitioning to your natural color, I would suggest becoming a member of couple of these Facebook pages: Going Gray Gracefully, Going Gray Beauty Guide, Gray is the New Blonde, Going Gray, Looking Great.  These are my favorites.  You can get great tips from professionals and from others who have transitioned or are transitioning to their natural color.

Some have said don’t you think you will look older?” “What does James think?”  I thought a lot about the first question before I answered and here is my response.  I’m going to look the same age. My face isn’t changing. My hair isn’t giving me more or less wrinkles. Do I want to look like me with dyed hair or me with natural hair? This is what God has given me and you just can’t improve on that. There isn’t a bottle or box that can give me a color that will look more natural.  I don’t feel one day older when I look in the mirror and as for what my husband thinks, he doesn’t feel like he is with an”old” woman. He is actually very supportive and very complimentary of my natural color.  If my hair color is why my husband is with me then we have bigger problems than the color of my hair. Seriously, my hair has been every color: auburn, brunette, almost black, almost blonde, light brown, dark brown and all of the in-betweens and has been colored for over 30 years. I’ve had every style and cut and have let it grow long. I have had the pleasure of experimenting with many different hairstyles because of the privilege of having a hairdresser in my family for most of my life. The bottom line is this: you have to be ready to do this for yourself.

Have you transitioned to your natural hair color? How did you do it? Was it an easy transition? If you haven’t transitioned to your natural color are you considering it? I would love to hear from you.

Whether I’m painting the walls, rearranging the furniture or letting my hair grow, it’s all part of  just an Average Day on Everidge,  Fifi




The Light of the World


I remember a particular Christmas song that we sang at the church where I grew up. It came to mind last week as I was thinking about the shootings and act of terrorism in San Bernardino, California, the home invasion and murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pregnant mother and pastor’s wife and the home invasion, assault and burglary of a 74 year old lady in our own town. I could go on and on.
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