The Light of the World


I remember a particular Christmas song that we sang at the church where I grew up. It came to mind last week as I was thinking about the shootings and act of terrorism in San Bernardino, California, the home invasion and murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pregnant mother and pastor’s wife and the home invasion, assault and burglary of a 74 year old lady in our own town. I could go on and on.

You turn on the news and it is one story after the other. No matter where you go you can find evil lurking around the corner. Sometimes even at your own front door.  Last year it was our front door. 11:00 on a Monday morning, someone kicked our front door in and stole from us. Fortunately, we weren’t home at the time.  It seems that evil gets more brazen every day.  We are living in dark and desperate times. Before you know it we can become overcome with sadness and despair if we forget to place our hope in the Light of the World. We need this Light to shine brighter than ever before. We need to be that Light to our families, our neighbors and co-workers, etc.  We need to share Jesus with anyone and everyone we meet. Read the lyrics of this song by Philip P. Bliss.  It amazes me that it was written in 1875 and is still relevant today.

The Light of the World, Philip P. Bliss

The whole world was lost in the darkness of sin,
The Light of the world is Jesus!
Like sunshine at noonday, His glory shone in;
The Light of the world is Jesus!

  • Refrain:
    Come to the light, ’tis shining for thee;
    Sweetly the light has dawned upon me;
    Once I was blind, but now I can see:
    The Light of the world is Jesus!

We have a hope in this Light. The Light is Jesus. When people have questions to what is happening around the world today, point them Jesus. Share your hope with them. We can face tomorrow because He lives within us.  Let us commit to pray for one another, our country and her leaders.

May your days be filled with hope, love and the Light of the World, Jesus.

Until we meet again. It’s an Average Day on Everidge, Fifi







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