Thy Word is a Lamp to My Feet

spiral stairs

Spiral Stairs

I have a love/hate relationship with stairs. I am fascinated by them. There are so many different kind of stairs.  Wooden, metal, concrete, spiral, straight, wide, narrow, etc.

turq stairs

Turquoise Stairs

Stairs lead to rows and rows of books in libraries. Stairs lead to subways. They lead to gardens and lakes. There are stairs in the woods.

wooden stairs

Stairs in the Woods

In our home, the stairs lead to our bedrooms. They were originally carpeted. Several years ago we ripped out the carpet then painted them white. Most recently I painted the treads a dark color. (Behr: Coal Mine)

IMG_3749 (2)

I have walked these stairs many, many times throughout the past 33 years. Many of those times  were during the dark of night, while everyone was sleeping. I know these stairs like the back of my hand. I have a rhythm when climbing them. I also know what it feels like to fall down them and yes to also to fall up them. 99 percent of the time I go up and down these stairs without incident. Although, when I’m distracted, my hands are full of laundry, or the dog gets under my feet, I will lose my footing, lose my way, trip and fall.  It’s like that in life as well.  We’re going along our normal everyday path, same thing we do everyday, day in-day out and something or someone pops in and trips us. We miss a step. Something wraps around our ankles and causes us to stumble and fall on our face. It came out of nowhere and we have no idea how it happened. It was completely unexpected. We feel the pain of it. We end up bruised and battered. Broken. Wounded.

We pick ourselves up. When the wounds are physical we apply a band aid or sometimes an ace bandage. When the wound is emotional there is a greater answer. We go to the Book.   We go to the Rock, our Jehovah Rapha. Our Healer. He IS faithful to restore. We get back to our normal walk, hopefully stronger than ever before. We regain our confidence and our joy returns. We press toward the mark. It may be slow, but it’s sure.

Until we meet again, it’s just An Average Day on Everidge, Fifi

Psalm 119:105 Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet.


20 thoughts on “Thy Word is a Lamp to My Feet

  1. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who can fall UP stairs! I am not alone. What an apt metaphor for life and beautiful reminder that we have someone who was wounded for our transgressions and has experienced every category of pain we could suffer. A Healer who know us.


  2. Some beautiful examples of stairs here. I love what you say about stairs. I have a relationship with my stairs in every home I have ever lived in. I have fallen up and down the stairs (once carrying a baby too) I loved this post. So unexpected and lovely.


  3. You have pretty stairs. I can relate to you. I also fell down my stairs once and broke my hand and had to have surgery on it. It’s all better now, but it was scarey for sure.


  4. I think you have a beautiful staircase especially decorated with the lights! A staircase is representative of so many of the tasks in life…it might be something we have traveled often and are familiar with, but sometimes we still get tripped up! I enjoyed your perspective!


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