“Embracing” Change

In light of 2015 being a year of major change, some expected, some unexpected, I have decided to “embrace” change, accept it for what it is, grow from it and apparently take on some more.  I’m doing several different challenges this year.  I am doing a penny challenge. The concept is to  put a penny in a jar for every day of the week. Day 1, 1 penny, Day 2, 2 pennies. Today is day 12 and that’s 12 pennies.    Get it?  At the end of the year I should have over $600.00. I know!  Exciting.


You can go to Fun Happy Home and read all about it.  There is even a free printable. I adore free printables. Don’t you?

Challenge # 2 is Live with Less.  A friend of mine, Ashley Walkup, hosts a blog at Embracing Beauty and also one at Embracing Homemaking. She is also on Facebook and hosts a page there called Live with Less. She issued a challenge on January 1 to Live With Less.  This challenge is to get rid of something every day for 31 days. It works similarly to the penny challenge. Day 1, get rid of one item, Day 2, two items.  Today is day 12 and I was able to part with 12 more items.  Yesterday it was 11 lampshades. ELEVEN!!!!  Who in the world needs 11 extra lampshades? During this process the drain in the kitchen sink went bad so I was able to throw out a few things that have been “stored” under there. I now have a newly, cleaned out and organized cabinet. New shelf liner too. I know, it’s the small things.

The spray bottles and gloves are hanging on an extension rod.

IMG_3857 (2)

IMG_3856 (1) (2)

The SOS pads are in a cylindrical vase that I had on hand. You can pick one of these up at the Dollar Store for $1.00. Such a cute way to store your scrub pads and they don’t get wet if a pipe leaks.  (A side note:  Those Gain trash bags…oh my word. They smell so good. Hahaha)

IMG_3858 (2).JPG

I had this basket on hand and folded and stored my hand towels and dish cloths in the sections to keep them organized. Before, they were stacked on the wire shelf and would fall off and were constantly a thorn  in my flesh.  Now they are so neatly organized.

I have been amazed at how unattached I really am to some “things.” It is unreal at the things that we keep just for keeping reasons. Seriously, my kids do not want some of this stuff. Let it go! Let it go! (Sung in my best Frozen voice) Ahem.. Nevermind….


I will be starting another “challenge” of sorts in a few days that I can’t tell you about just yet. Hopefully, you and I both will be seeing results. No! It isn’t weight loss. Although, now that I think about it…

There is major change across the street and I am trying to “embrace” it. Houses are going up in a flash. I can sit in my living room and watch the rafters being lifted high into the air then fastened onto the house by the carpenters. In the process of the new houses going up, they have now blocked the view of James’ grandmother’s house.  It no longer belongs to her. She passed away several years ago. However, the landscape has changed and things are just not the same. With this change will come new neighbors.  The Lord is surely sending people our way. This is my mission field. What will I do with it? I’m looking forward to who will move in.  Maybe a new friend.

What changes are happening in your life in 2016?  Are you organizing your home? Your finances? Please share with me. I love hearing about what is happening in your life.

Until we meet again, it’s just an Average Day on Everidge, Fifi




2 thoughts on ““Embracing” Change

  1. I love this! I too, am following Ashley! I’ve been decluttering constantly for years, it’s never ending with 3 kids LOL! Can’t wait to see your own “challenge.”


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