Life Lately


October is our favorite month of the year.  James and I  met on October 16. 1981. Married on October 22, 1982.  Had our daughter on October 4, 1989. The fair is in October. The best chicken stews and street festivals are this month  and before you know it life is busy, busy. October leads into November and straight into the holiday season.  Before you know it, Christmas is here and you’re not sure how that happened at all.

Life around here lately has been busy and interesting.  After taking a year off from not working and enjoying being at home, I started a new job on September 6. That same day I was in an automobile accident that caused my, paid for, car to be a total loss. Good thing I have a job because now I have a car payment. (Bahahaha!)It took us a couple of weeks to find a car that we liked and that fit our wants and needs.  We’ve never had this problem before. But we found out that when you aren’t looking for, or thinking about a new car, or have nothing in mind, (or have car fever) it just takes a while to find something. On a side note, thankfully, and foremost, no one, in any of the cars, was injured. On a sad note, I left my favorite CD in the wrecked car.   That reminds me, I need to order one right now.

My new job is very different from my previous one.  I’m learning lots of new things and stretching my brain.  I’m having fun and I also get to work with one of my sisters. After rarely seeing her for 15 years (she lived in Ukraine and Romania) it is now so cool to see her every day. I hope she doesn’t get tired of me!  I’ve been able to set up my office and personalize it somewhat and it’s beginning to feel like “home.”  I’m excited about this new chapter.

I have been following the most precious “farm girl” blogger for some time now. If you don’t know Sara Jo or haven’t ran across her blog Bryarton Farm, you should go check out her precious family and their farmhouse rehab. They are saving this farmhouse one board at a time.  I can’t remember how I ran across her but knew we had a kindred spirit from day one.  Sara Jo just completed this cutting board for me. She is an amazing artist and you can visit her Esty shop here. The art is all hand sketched and she uses a wood burner. It is food safe as well.


We’ve been putting up shiplap and painting. Flooring going in this coming weekend. Painting should be finished by tomorrow. We need to purchase blinds and furniture and we will be set. The picture below is my inspiration photo.  I will post pics of our room when we get finished. It’s finally coming together


I refinished a formal dining table this summer.  It now has a farmhouse look.  I will be sharing that project soon.

As your days get busier and busier remember this one thing, the world and everything that goes along with it are vying for our attention.  The pain, worry and confusion all band together with the hustle and bustle. If we’re not careful we can become unfocused.  Keep Jesus as your main focus and center yourself on Him.

It’s just an Average Day on Everidge,  Fifi




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