Getting Healthy 2017 Update


lemon pepper chicken saladIf I could sum the past six months up into one statement, I think it would be, “It’s working.” The first few weeks were rough. (if you need a refresher on what has been going on, you can go here) Learning to cook a different way than I had been taught. Breaking with the old ways and learning new ways are sometimes more psychological than anything else. You know, the old “but this is how I’ve always done it” routine. “I don’t know any other way.” Also, just loving the old way of cooking and eating and how it brings back fond memories.  We’ve had to break with those old habits as well and look to food as more of a “food is fuel” instead of “food is fellowship” and “food is celebration.” Don’t get me wrong, we still love to eat, maybe enjoy it more now than ever but differently than before.  We enjoy the “hunt” for healthy recipes and great healthy, organic, farm raised food, without chemicals and pesticides.  We are learning to grow our own food. Not in huge bulk but still growing organic, pesticide free food with no chemicals or man made fertilize.
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