Getting Healthy 2017 Update


lemon pepper chicken saladIf I could sum the past six months up into one statement, I think it would be, “It’s working.” The first few weeks were rough. (if you need a refresher on what has been going on, you can go here) Learning to cook a different way than I had been taught. Breaking with the old ways and learning new ways are sometimes more psychological than anything else. You know, the old “but this is how I’ve always done it” routine. “I don’t know any other way.” Also, just loving the old way of cooking and eating and how it brings back fond memories.  We’ve had to break with those old habits as well and look to food as more of a “food is fuel” instead of “food is fellowship” and “food is celebration.” Don’t get me wrong, we still love to eat, maybe enjoy it more now than ever but differently than before.  We enjoy the “hunt” for healthy recipes and great healthy, organic, farm raised food, without chemicals and pesticides.  We are learning to grow our own food. Not in huge bulk but still growing organic, pesticide free food with no chemicals or man made fertilize.

For me, I’ve learned to ditch the sugar. I can’t believe how much sugar I was eating. I knew I ate a lot of sugar but I didn’t know how much. I ate a LOT of sugar.  We were going through a 5 lb bag of sugar at least every other week. I did a sugar detox challenge in January and I can honestly say that we haven’t purchased any sugar since the week before Christmas and we still have that bag. Unbelievable, right?  That’s how much sugar we, together, were eating/drinking.  Mostly in coffee and sweet tea, but I also added sugar to green beans and anything with a tomato base.  When you calculate all the hidden sugars that I was eating that I’m wasn’t even aware of, I was probably a walking time bomb for diabetes.  I already had been tested for and diagnosed with Hypoglycemia. I was having sugar drops weekly and would pass out and or come close to it on occasion. The only sugar drop I have had was last week and I drank about 3-4 ounces of orange juice before bed and had a sugar drop the next morning while running errands.

It hasn’t been so much about weight loss as it has been about becoming healthy and feeling better. We love having energy after a meal and not having that “after dinner” sluggish feel. That drugged feeling that you get from overeating, etc.  We have been eating such healthy, good food, that we actually feel bad when we eat something that isn’t healthy.  For example, we went to a restaurant a few weeks ago and both of us chose vegetable plates.  I am not kidding when I say that I was literally sick for three days.  Not sick with food poisoning like we normally think about it, but sick!  Sick like I had been drugged. In a fog. Migraine for days. Totally not with it. I could barely move. All from eating vegetables at a restaurant that had “whatever” in it.  I literally felt “poisoned” from the chemicals and additives in the food. The good thing about is this, we feel so much better and we don’t eat out as much it saves money and we’ve lost weight. Collectively, we’ve lost over 83 pounds and I’m wearing sizes that I haven’t worn in over 30 years.

dairy free whip

Everything I’ve done was with physician supervision.  I don’t recommend you make drastic changes without consulting your doctor first. However, if you are having digestive problems, it might just be the food you’re eating. Talk to your doctor about it.

We are the healthiest we’ve been in years.  We’ve both had great check-ups and are thankful that we are feeling well enough to enjoy life fully and without pain or illness.

Until we meet again,

It’s just An Average Day on Everidge, Fifi

body is a temple

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