A Little Desk Nook

desk pic monkey

We did a small kitchen change up a couple of years ago by closing off a door to the downstairs den, adding sheet rock and moving the fridge. When we were finished, the project had left a “nook” area downstairs. We talked about adding a closet (you always need extra storage right?) but there is a closet right around the corner. We tossed shelving around, well not literally, hahaha, but decided against that as well.  Then we came up with the idea to build in a nook for charging phones, the laptop and a makeup table when guests stay overnight.  We’ve had this old wood lying in the basement for a long time.  It came off Papa Harris’ old trailer that he used to haul wood. The trailer had seen better days so we salvaged the wood to use for a project. At that time we didn’t know what project, but also knew that we would figure it out.

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