A Little Desk Nook

desk pic monkey

We did a small kitchen change up a couple of years ago by closing off a door to the downstairs den, adding sheet rock and moving the fridge. When we were finished, the project had left a “nook” area downstairs. We talked about adding a closet (you always need extra storage right?) but there is a closet right around the corner. We tossed shelving around, well not literally, hahaha, but decided against that as well.  Then we came up with the idea to build in a nook for charging phones, the laptop and a makeup table when guests stay overnight.  We’ve had this old wood lying in the basement for a long time.  It came off Papa Harris’ old trailer that he used to haul wood. The trailer had seen better days so we salvaged the wood to use for a project. At that time we didn’t know what project, but also knew that we would figure it out.

This nook is so cute and I sometimes come downstairs just to look at it.  James did such a great job building the desk and shelves. Sometimes he looks at me strangely when I come up with a project but by the time it’s finished he is nodding and fully on board.

I already had the lamp (from World Market Similar) and basket I painted, by mixing together about three old colors of paint that I already had to make it look old. The iron shoe cobbler belonged to my Papa Smith. The flower (storage) bucket is from Ikea  and I purchased the flowers from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  I picked up the “Be Still” sign at an Antique Fair and the chair is a Craigslist purchase. The hanging olive bucket light was purchased on the web a few years ago. (similar) The brackets are from Home Depot but they don’t have the type that we bought online. Pfaff’s Glass cut the glass top for us. We took the measurements to them and they did the rest.

We have loved using this little nook. I even used it as a beverage station at a baby shower a few weeks ago.  You never know what you can do with those little odd places in your home. You can turn them into a desk or reading nook, etc. Just use your imagination.

nook 3

Stay tuned, in a few days I hope to give you a tour of the downstairs den from start to finish.  You can see a little sneak peak at the barn door in the picture at the top.

Thanks for stopping by. It has been fun sharing this little project with you. I hope you liked it. If you have a similar nook, please share a picture. I would love to see it.

It’s just an Average Day on Everidge, Fifi

Isaiah 45:3 I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.




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